Getting social with WiFi

February 27, 2020

Ever think how social WiFi could be? We have...

WiFi - it's everywhere. It's a huge opportunity for most brands to leverage from.

But very few do...

Whether a retail brand, or a brand with foot-fall in some other way, it can be an amazing channel to reach potential customers. And in particular, the Yooth (street lingo).

We have set up a number of brands with social WiFi. When visiting customers see your 'free wifi' and try to connect, it sends them to a branded home portal. From here, you can build instant communities and have other levels of engagement with that visiting customer. If you add a log-in option, you have instantly created a potential opt-in list for future marketing activities. But all of this has not even covered the huge data collection analytics which are collected. Have a chat with us to learn more about what you can do - specific to your brand audience.