SMS is dead. Long live SMS

December 03, 2019

SMS is alive and kicking!

For many years now (the beards are greying), we have been involved in SMS marketing. It started in the first dotcom boom with us providing SMS marketing to major brands - so they can interact with their customers and target new potential customers matching specific demographics.

A lots changed between then and now. We even bought new suits.

And that's a big change.

Now our customers still use SMS, but the main focus is in interactions with existing customers within the customer services team. The majority of our customers can offer SMS customer service enquiries and also choose to use our system to offer voting feedback (post customer services interaction).

SMS still rocks. It is one of the few communication channels which works on ever single mobile phone - regardless of make and carrier. It also does not require a data connection.

Have a chat with us to find out more about how we can hook up our SMS engagement platform into your current tech setup.